We offer a fresh Fundraising Plan that is
custom designed for You!!
 Whether it is our Purchase Direct,
Pre~Sale Fundraiser or a Sweet Way to Help Others...
We have the right Plan for you. 

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Finally, a fundraiser you can sink your teeth into.

We deliver what you sell. Your "pre~sold" fresh fruits are packed to your order. We provide you with fresh, ripe produce at its peak of flavor. 

Each healthy box of Seasonal Fruits provide your organization with

a 40%+ profit. We have found that your supporters will be asking for more and look forward to their delicious box of goodness, time and time again!

How does our sale work?

  Step #1:  Choose your delivery date.

     *Two ways to choose your date.

          1.) The time of year you prefer.


          2.) The seasonal produce you prefer.

Step #2:  Advertise & get the word out.

     *Now that your delivery date has been set and marked in your calendar, we than provide you with promotional posters and social media postings.

     *Utilize all forms of social media. Reach out to all of your social media groups. Inform them about your fresh and delicious fundraiser that you'll be hosting. 

Step #3:  Time to take orders.

      *Collecting orders usually takes place four weeks prior to your scheduled delivery date. This gives you two weeks to advertise and sell, sell, sell!!

      *We will send you easy to use order forms.

Step #4:  Tally your orders.

       *After you have tallied your order and we have received it, we begin putting your order together.  

       *We need two weeks to orchestrate picking, packing and trucking for your fresh produce. 

Step #5:  We deliver your order.

       *You will have picked one delivery location and have people set up to help unload.

"Many hands make light work." John Heywood

We will deliver your entire order to that location. Our driver will be in direct communication to keep you in the loop of the exact delivery time. We take extra precautions for traffic and construction delays, but sometimes things happen. For that reason, we keep you up dated.




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Q & A

~Will my child/seller be expected to carry a box of produce, door to door?


No. We provide you with a beautifully presented easy to understand order form that contains all of the information that your child/seller will need to explain each healthy product successfully. 

~How often may we use your program?

~Fresh produce is delicate. What if we receive some damaged produce?

We always send extra boxes for this very reason. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

~Is your produce organic?

We are not organic, but do practice a very eco-friendly program by following Integrated Pest Management (IPM). With the use of predator insects and pheromones, we are able to maintain a sustainable and safe growing practice. We work hard to bring you the cleanest and safest produce possible. 

~What if a supporter would like to purchase a box of produce but there is one person in that household?

~Is there a minimum order?

Minimum orders are calculated by distance.

We suggest you share with your friends and family. Most of our produce can be frozen or canned. 

~What can I make with all of this fresh and delicious produce? 

There are numerous websites and endless recipes on the internet. Be creative and have fun!!

~What areas do you serve?

All of California.

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Our produce changes seasonally. This allows your organization to offer a Farmers Market variety of fruits & vegetables that can be enjoyed by your supporters year~round...a monthly, quarterly, bi~annual or one~time basis.

~Why are the prices not listed?

Supply & demand is constantly fluctuating, therefore the market price isn't set until that season. Your support group will pay close to the average retail value. 

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~Where does your produce come from?

Our produce is grown in California.

~ Always store perishable produce responsibly ~